Ali Kashif

I am a professional with more than 17+ years of experience in Information Technology with self-directed and highly motivated personality. My experience in Information Technology covers all major aspects of computer sciences. Some of my achievements are globally unique and are considered new Innovations in field of Information Technology. Several unique projects/Products are led by me, involve leading cutting edge technology. My experience, from developer to a system analyst-Project Manager, covers all expects of software development life cycle. From initial analysis to final implementation, my wide range of expertise empowers me great, in understanding client needs, addressing them meaningfully in documents by efficiently performing cost analysis and writing system feasibility report, hens design comprehensive solutions.

Personal Information


Ali Kashif

Ali Kashif

Date of Birth:

April 4, 1976




English, Urdu, Arabic

Address (PAK):

House XXX-X, Street X, Cavalry Ground Lahore, Punjab,Pakistan

Address (KSA):

Innovative Technology

Building Number 2766, PO BOX 15142 AL Dabab Street, Zip : 11444
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mobile (KSA):

+966 5xxxxxxxx

Mobile (PAK):

+92 3xx xxxxxxx


syedalikashif [AT] gmail [DOT] com

ali [@] akashif [DOT] co [DOT] uk



Bachelors in Computer Sciences (1995-1997)

New Imperial College of Computer Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan


Special skills

I have been working as Senior System Analyst and Project Manager of large scale education system “eUniversity” developed by “Innovative Technology”. This product involves special educational analysis. Being Senior System Analyst and Project
Manager of this product I have been directly working with word class domain experts to get first-hand information and later translating that to documents and project briefs. Some of these special educational domains are listed below.

  • Curriculum Building
  • Course Designing
  • Objective Mapping
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Assessment Item Banking
  • Assessment blueprinting
  • Assessment Item Building
  • Assessment Alignment
  • Multi-dimensional objecting linking.

Career History

Senior Systems Analyst – Project Manager

Innovative Technology, Saudi Arabia                                          (October 2008 ~ till date)

(Specialized Educational and Medical Software Development Agency)

Major Responsibilities

  • Project Manager
  • Senior Systems Analyst
  • Product analyst & manager “eUniversity”
  • Product analyst & manager “ePoster”
  • Product analyst & manager “Digital pen solutions”
  • eUniversity system analysis and design
  • Digital pen solution designing and implementation
  • ePoster international implementations
  • Monitor projects progress
  • Projects activity tracking
  • Projects milestones definitions
  • Projects deadlines calculations
  • Analyse systems requirements
  • Analysing clients’ existing systems and business models
  • Translating client requirements into highly specified project briefs
  • Writing system feasibility report
  • Conduct cost analysis
  • Design roadmaps for implementation and deployment
  • Overseeing systems’ implementation
  • Client manager for “Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia”
  • Client manager for “Imam University College of Medicine”


Senior Systems Analyst (Designated in Pakistan Office)

Freezone Pvt. Ltd. Kingston, United Kingdom                           (April 2004 ~ August 2008)

(ISP, Domain registration and Web Hosting Agency)

Major Responsibilities

  • Analyse exiting manual systems
  • Writing system feasibility report
  • Design roadmaps for implementation and deployment
  • Create feasibility for automation
  • Create feasibility for automated “order processing system”
  • Analysis and design of automated domain renewal system
  • Analysis & design of “automated credit card charging system”
    • Automation of “invoice
    • creation system”
    •  Automation of “invoice posting system”
  • Analysis of In house needs
    • Design new “client management system”
    •   Design new “client communication system”
  • Analysis and design of server management system
  • Design Linux & Windows server management tools
  • Manage web development department
  • Analyse clients web development needs
  • Conduct cost analysis for Clients


Programmer Analyst

FutureXL, Lahore Pakistan                                                                (July 2001 ~ March 2004)

(Software development agency; Closed in 2007)

Major Responsibilities

  • Evaluate client needs
  • Prepare flowcharts and diagrams
  • Studying business functions
  • Analyse project requirements
  • Identify project milestones
  • Writes user manuals
  • Writes development documentation
  • Formulate plans to develop program
  • Design logic, perform coding, corrections and bug fixings
  • Program applications using analysis specifications
  • Design graphical view of the process flow


Programmer / Web Developer

FastDevelopers, Lahore Pakistan                                                     (October 1997 ~ June 2001)

(Customized software development agency)

Major Responsibilities

  • Develop Interactive websites
  • Design Databases using SQL server
  • Design and develop server side scripts using ASP
  • Develop Desktop Visual Applications
  • Implement win32 APIs on Visual Applications
  • Design logic, perform coding, corrections and bug fixings
  • Program applications using analysis specifications

Technical Proficiencies

Development Models

Spiral, rapid prototyping, incremental

Agile development

Rational Unified Process (RUP), Scrum

Modeling Tools

Visio, ErWin, Visual Paradigm, SmartDraw, ConceptDraw

Enterprise Modeling

igraphics, Bizagi, Appian


C, C++, Visual C++, SQL, PL/SQL, C#, VB.NET, UML, ASP, ASP.NET(C#), PHP, JAVA script, VB script


.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, Zend Framework, CakePhp

Software Servers

Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, XEN Server, Zen Load Balancer, Kannel SMS Gateway, OpenSMPP.


pfSense, SQLWall – 2BS (Brute force Blocking System)

Programming Tool

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, 2010, 2008, 2005; Microsoft Visual Basic 5 & 6, Microsoft developer environment, C++ Builder XE 7

Web Based & Graphics Tools

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks

Databases Expertise

SQL server 2008 Enterprise with Analysis Services & reporting services, Oracle 8, Microsoft Access 97/2000, SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005 and Mysql 4.3/5.0.2 with Master Slave Replication

Operating Systems

DOS, Windows9X, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows2000 Professional & Server, Linux Red Hat, FC up to 4, CentOS 5x, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise


Hajj digital pen (Ministry Of Health Saudi Arabia)    (2012- 2015)

(Innovative Technology: System Analyst and Project Manager)

In November 2011, Innovative Technology Proposed “Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia” to use Anoto’s Digital Pen & Paper Technology to capture patient data from its health centers (high-load associated with the busy Hajj period). A large scale analysis was performed by Innovative Technology on request of “Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia” and feasibility report was created. Main goal of the project was to get live reports from medical center; which involves queue time, total patient in center at any given time, load trends, patients distribution within the center, nationalities heat map, nationality based diagnostics and many other. Digital pens and special printed digital papers were distributed in medical centers and different users were using the paper forms and data is captured immediately and as soon pen is placed to its cradle data is sent to server 5/28 Medical Centers in Mina Area were covered. Total xxxxx Patients has been treated during 5 days in Mina (7-12 Zil-Hajj). Real-time data from Digital Pen & Paper was transmitted to Innovative Technology Services, and Real time BI Dashboard showed live data. Due to the success in Hajj 1433 (2012),  “Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia” expanded the scope of Digital Pen Project up to 5 times to cover more Medical Centers & Hospitals.

Technologies involved:

CentOS, MySQL,
Windows 2008 Server, SQL Server, PHP,, C# for desktop applications and
Oracle, Anoto Digital Pen, Digital Paper pattern, Formidable Application Server,
Pen Pusher, and Print Processor.

Assessment Item Writing and Item Banking (2014)

(Innovative Technology: System Analyst and Project Manager)

Online assessment item writing and banking system is designed for “Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS)”. This system involves advanced bank Assessment Item Banking techniques with “Specialties Blue prints” and “Dynamic Classifications”. With help of custom import and export format designer, “Saudi Commission” can import almost all available Items formats and can export to any test vender formats. Complete Item review system enabled “Saudi Commission” to perform in house technical review and then send Items to their external reviewers. (A complete Item review workflow).

Some highlights of system are listed below.


  • Specialty and Sub-Specialty Management
  • Sections Domain Management
  • Sections/Sub-sections
  • Management Lab Groups
  • Management Negative Words
  • Management (Questions, Vignettes, Options)
  • Blueprint Management
  • Dynamic Additional Classifications
  • User Access rights Management
  • Export/Import Items engine
  • Item Review Workflow

Technologies involved:

C#, Microsoft SQL Server


ePoster (2011-2012)

(Innovative Technology: Concept designer, System Analyst and Project manager)

Introduced a new product “ePoster”. ePoster is a replacement of conventional posters which are placed in any conference. With innovative technology hardware, ePosters are presented in different sessions, ePosters are designed by authors using browser based system ‘ePoster Designer’, and then publish.

ePosters were first presented worldwide in SIMEC 2012 in Riyadh and the later AMEE conference also adopted ePosters technology, and added it in their

ePosters have been implemented in following conferences

Technologies involved:

CentOS, MySQL,
PHP, C# for desktop ePoster Viewer, SOAP Services

Physician privileging & credentialing system (Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia) (2013-2014)

(Innovative Technology: System Analyst)

This is a web-based system for “General Directorate of Health Affairs Riyadh” to manage physicians privileging & credentialing, progress reports and profile. Ultimate goal of this system is to create a countrywide physician registry with complete details of physician; current and previous privileges, OR cases, Morbidity and Mortality reports, and lot more. Enterprise architecture model enables “General Directorate” to maintain the structure of hospitals respectively and facilitate the end user (physicians) to request for privileging. The hospital structure can have Departments and Sections, and specialty(s) can be assigned to every department, section. Every hospital in the system can define its own structure from the model department/section bank available. Credentialing Application Process itself is a complex workflow and involves many user roles at different level of enterprise; from document approval to application submission till approval. Almost 18 different actors/roles are involved in application processing. System will be implemented in Riyadh region and can be deployed countrywide without any changes and issues.

Technologies involved:

C#, Microsoft SQL Server

eUniversity System     (2009-2013)

(Innovative Technology: System Analyst, Project Manager)

eUniversity is the finest product of Innovative Technology. This is an educational system which targets educational quality and not financials. This product is built on top years of educational analysis. eUniversity is a fully managed university system
with number of unique modules and has dual interfaces i.e. a web and desktop interface. A large scale analysis was performed with help of international educational domain experts; which involves domain knowledge and product feasibility. System is developed in latest Microsoft technologies such as Windows communication foundations and Windows Presentation Foundations with Microsoft .NET Framework. System was initially developed in .NET Framework 3.5 and later migrated to 4.0. System Implemented in “Imam University College of Medicine” and 2nd Implementation is under way with Complete ABHA University

System Key features

  • Leaning Systems
    • Curriculum designer
    • Course Designer
    • Problem Designer (Problem Based Learning)
    • Curriculum Implementer
    • Course Implementer
    • Resources Management System
    • Student Management System
    • Faculty Management System
    • Faculty Recruitment System
    • Online Collaborative Content Building System
  • Assessment System
    • Offline Assessment Item designer
    •  OnlineAssessment Item writing system
    • Item Banking
    •  Assessment Session Builder
    •  Assessment security system
  • Online Content Delivery (Online Portal)
    • Student Complete Curriculum
    •  Faculty Complete Curriculum with All Batches
    •  Integrated Schedule of all Educational Activity
    • Integrated Educational Activity Content
    • Time release of Content
    • Detailed Summative Assessment
    • Detailed Formative Assessment
    • Assessment Comparison with pears and overall
    •  Assignment uploading system
    • Running Marking
    • System and CGPA
    • Personalized Activity Calendar
    • Internal Emails
    • Integrated Text, Audio and Video Chat will be migrated to Virtual Classroom And Lot other features

Student Registration System (2009)

(Innovative Technology: System Analyst, Project Manager)

Student registration application processing system for multiple colleges of Imam University. System contains a comprehensive administration area to help Administrators to sort the applications using different criterions and simple help desk to help applicants’ issues.

A distributed administration of each college made the system user friendly and dynamic graphical reports and dashboard helps administrators to have quick looks of overall registration process.

System is developed in ASP.NET 3.5 with Microsoft SQL Server as backend. Discontinued and rebuild using PHP and MySQL as “Student Registration Product”

Technologies involved:

C#, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, MySQL

Saudi Medical Journal (2009)

(Innovative Technology: System Analyst)

Online Manuscript and review system Saudi Medical journal; System is designed in 3.5 with Ajax. This is a multiuser system for authors, reviewers, staff and editor. System contains a complex workflow of Manuscript approval system including Manuscript reviewing by reviewers and rating and commenting system which helps editor to finally approve / reject Manuscript publication.

Technologies involved:

C#, Microsoft SQL Server

Analysis of In house Needs (2008-…)

Along with analysis of eUniversity system it was required to setup environment for large scale development and analysis. After joining Innovative Technology in 2008 as First System Analyst and Project Manager, I advised company to build development platform and branch in Pakistan. Hanse Innovative Technology Saudi Arabia has deployed TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation Server) in Office to optimize the output of developers. As development of eUniversity system is being done in modules are more than one developers are working on same module and some developers are on sight and some are working in Pakistan Branch of innovative technology. So it was essential to use TFS.

In addition to team foundation server, Microsoft project server has also been deployed to track the performance and to meet the deadlines and achieve the milestones. Microsoft project server has been integrated with TFS and all work items in TFS has been associated with project time line and task management and tasks status are updated by developers by using Project web access. Along with Microsoft Project the project time sheet has been configured with Project web access (PWA).

Project web access has been deployed in Microsoft SharePoint server and TFS also uses SharePoint server for Team project websites. So it was essential to deploy SharePoint server.

To reduce communication gaps Microsoft communication server deployed in Saudi Arabia office as SIP Edge server Forest on windows server 2003 along with Microsoft exchange server with unified communication. This deployment has enabled the remote offices communication easy.

Established Point to point VPN tunnel between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan offices. This tunnel made the remote office of Pakistan as a part of local Saudi Arabia office remote computers systems can be access directly as local computer systems. This tunnel deployment made developers’ access to TFS, PWA and Database server, fast and apparently local.

Technologies involved:

Microsoft Team
Foundation Server, Microsoft SharePoint server, Microsoft project server, Microsoft
communication server, Microsoft exchange server, pfsense. (2004-2008)

Designed robust backend for FREEZONE Internet by analysing existing manual systems and implemented new automated system. Integration of ENOM, INWW and NOMINET APIs with FREEZONE systems to eliminate human interaction along with minimized processing time to Zero seconds and 0 human errors. Further introduced Hosting Panels like “PLESK” and “CPanel” ASPIs for automated hosting setup, upgrades and cancellations

In addition website was redesigned considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and on huge success of FREEZONE SEO; its sister company DOMAINEXPRESS ( followed the same path, and because a huge hit. This success in SEO led to a new department in FREEZONE and it introduced SEO as a Product of FREEZONE and now managing above 100 SEO customers with help of many junior staff. (As of 2008)


  • Automation of
    • Ordering System
    •  Domain Renewal System
    •  Credit Card Charging System
    • Hosting Setup System
    • WHOIS Management System
    • Invoice creation and posting system
  • PLESK 7.5/8.0/8.1 Reloaded (Linux / windows)APIs
  • FREEZONE Customer Control panel
  • ENSIM Pro 4.0.2 APIs
  • Hosting Management System
  • Internal Tools
    •  Linux and Windows Server Management Tools
    •  Server Migration Tools
    •  Server Health check tools
  • SecPay Live Card Charging System
  • Search Engine Optimization for FREEZONE AND DOMAINEXPRESS
  • Developed

Technologies involved:

                PHP, MySQL, Linux, Windows Server, Visual Basic, IIS APIS, PLESK, CPANEL

FutureXL (2001-2004)


  • Predictive dialer using TAPIS (VC++ 6.0)
  • Print Quota manager using MAPIS (VC++ 6.0)
  • LAN / WAN chat server with AUDIO CHAT support (VC++ 6.0)
  • .CSV to DBs file loader, Large file Support  (VC++ 6.0)
  • Client-Server Database Application For Internet Clubs (VB 6.0)
  • Develop Database Software for Health Centers for Govt. of Punjab (VB 6.0)
  • Govt. Of Punjab LHW’s Database Collection Software (VB 6.0)
  • Complete Software Package For The Capital School (VB 6.0)
  • Payroll System For The Capital School (VB 6.0)
  • Customers + Employee Database For Boutiques (VB 6.0)
  • Internet Television (PHP)
  • Document Management System (PHP)
  • Flash Gaming sites (PHP)
  • Linux Server Management Tools (PHP)
  • Windows Server Management Tools (VB 6.0)

FastDevelopers (1997-2001)

Started career as Programmer / Web developer at Fastdevelopers and developed quality desktop applications and web portals.


  • Hardware Stock system For computer shops in Hafiz center (VB 6.0)
  • Training website (ASP, Access)
  • Invoice creating and printing system (VB 6.0)
  • School management system (VB6)
  • Pharmacy Management System (VB6)
  • Website portal for plants nursery (HTML, Flash)
  • Lahore Forums CMS Portal  (ASP)
  • Software Package for Nice Computers Pvt. Ltd. (VB 6.0)
  • website CMS (ASP, SQL Server)