While setting my new cloud in Hyper-v, I faced issue in joining the domain with error “Domain can not join because SID…… identical”

I needed to create multiple VMs of Server 2012, so I Created Server VM in Hyper-V, and exported it,
and then imported it with New SID



Once VM is successfully imported i Tried to Join My Domain and faced this Error



After Some struggle I found that I need to reset the SID of Imported VM, so to do that I need to run “sysprep” and re initialized the VM.

Please make 100% sure that you know what you are doing next, this will initialize  your server and you have to Provide your Product Key again.

Press “window +R” and type following


just to make sure that you are running it from “system32”



run the sysprep Application




Please Make sure that you have checked the “Generalize” Checkbox





It will reboot the server and Next it will ask for Product Key, and once done .. Join your domain, it worked for me,…