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MySQL – Show Running Queries

MySQL – Show Running Queries

MySQL Show Running Queries it is deadly simple :D. login to your MySQL , and use this query “show processlist” it will only show the first 100 characters of the query. if you need to see the complete query To show the full query run to get data in rows instead of columns,

MySQL Substring Count

I needed to count the parts of a string (varchar) which are separated by a `;` (semi colon) if I use PHP, i always need to fetch the rows and then explode or any thing else. which was really time consuming A very useful function for counting parts of string using Mysql. and here is […]

MySQL Master Slave Replication

I am not going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of MySQL replication, for that I will write some other time, but some basics are needed “MySQL Master” is a MySQL database server which we need to replicate to some other place. (you can say Source database server) “MySQL Slave” is a MySQL database server […]

MySQL my.cnf not found – CentOS

I installed MySQL and needed to configure it for a test replication. I needed to edit the my.cnf. I tried to find the my.cnf on my CentOS BOX but file was not there. after looking around on net for hours, Found that my.cnf is not created automatically, and one has to create it himself. Now […]

Squid Unexpected Crash and not Starting

File size limit exceeded (core dumped) My squid was working fine from months and suddenly one day it stopped, i have not touched conf file or server at all. so after struggling a lot (un-install install) with with squid i found out that there is a debug mod of squid, start your squid with this […]

Install or update MySQL 5.5 on CentOS

Install or update MySQL 5.5 on CentOS

You need to download MySQL RPM from MySQL Community. For CentOS 6 you need to download something like this (pay attention to Oracle & Red hat Linux 6 ) You need to download these things MySQL-server MySQL-client MySQL-shared MySQL-devel (optional) Login to your CentOS box and get these first thing you need to check is […]

Device eth0 does not seem to be present

Whenever i clone a VM in my Parallels Desktop (for mac) I always face this issue in new VM. It do not finds the eth0 on startup and when i do i always see this error Main reason behind is CentOS remembers the OLD NIC information and still looking for that By Default. Even though […]

Change Hostname in CentOS (permanent)

Some times you need to change the “hostname” of your CentOS Box, like for me I need to change the “hostname” when ever I clone my VM. changing “hostname” involves easy steps will show you some thing like change the hostname to what ever you like, save the file and now You may need to […]

Install and configure SNMP on CentOS

I needed to Monitor My CentOS 6.4 Box, many monitoring software like Nagios, cacti and zabbix need SNMP enabled on system to be monitored. so here you are Once you have installed the SNMP you need to configure the public query access to box. Configure SMNP first backup the snmp.conf past following in the file […]

Installing Zabbix 2.x on CentOS

Installing Zabbix 2.x on CentOS

Zabbix 2.0.6 on CentOS 6.4 using source This article is a modified version of a good article install Zabbix 1.8 Download and extract Zabbix Setting up the user accounts The Zabbix server and client both need a user account that they can run on, so may as well set this up first. This also needs to be […]