How to install Kannel


Get sources using the following command

svn co<project>/trunk

where <project> is: gateway, sqlbox or opensmppbox.

Once you have the kannel source, navigate to source directory which typically is

Here you can compile kannel wtih mysql support or without mysql.

Install Kannel Without Mysql Support

./configure --enable-start-stop-daemon
# make
# make install

Install Kannel With Mysql Support

./configure --with-mysql --enable-start-stop-daemon
# make
# make install

Once you have installed kannel you can locate the install directory by using following on

whereis bearerbox
bearerbox: /usr/local/sbin/bearerbox

whereis smsbox
smsbox: /usr/local/sbin/smsbox

If you face any issue in installation, please leave comments.

4 thoughts on “How to install Kannel

  1. Hi,

    Im struggling to get opensmppbox working – I have this error which is pretty self explanatory:

    DLR: storage type ‘mysql’ is not supported!

    Howwver, I have compiled with MySql option and Bearerbox/Smsbox both state compiled with MySql 5.5 support, I wondered if you have seen this before?

  2. #Note you must firt update the libxml2
    sudo apt-get update

    apt-cache search libxml
    apt-cache search libxml | grep dev
    sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev
    apt-cache show libxml2-dev

    #Make sure you install mysql client support (error:mysql.h cannot be found)
    sudo apt-get install libmysqld-dev
    #install kannel with mysql support
    ./configure –enable-start-stop-daemon
    #make install

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