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How to Copy and Move Email in IMAP Account?

How to Copy and Move Email in IMAP Accou...

  Following steps require TWO mail serves with POP enabled on source Server and IMAP enabled on Destination Server.   Source Server = Server from where you want to copy the emails (will be referred as Old Server) Destination Server = Server where you want to copy your emails (will be referred as New Server)   […]

Connect MySQL from Remote CentOS7

I just Installed CentOS7 and faced some issues in installing and connecting MySQL from remote location. I used to do a yum install mysql-server, which is no more supported and for that I have to install mysql repo rpm first. i will write that some other time, login to centos7 box with root and disable the […]

Boot CentOS in CLI (Change runlevel)

After in installed CentOs VM in vmWare using easyInstall, it booted in GNOME GUI, which I do not really like, so i needed to change CentOs to boot in CLI. for that we need to edit /etc/inittab vi /etc/inittab Change the last line if you reboot the centos now it will start with the splash screen and loading […]

Automated Sql server Backup

Sql Server administrators often need to backup databases and preferably automated. following script will create backups of all databases other than specified, Script will create separate directory of backups, currently this script runs daily and creates daily directory. to create physical directory using Sql we need to enable a stored procedure “xp_cmdshell” and that can only be enabled when […]

Add a Hard Drive to Citrix XenServer

Adding a new disk in XenServer 6.2 different from the general Linux process. For XenServer 6.2, you need to create a ‘storage repository’ to define a particular storage target, in which Virtual Disk Images (VDIs) of VMs are stored. A VDI is nothing but an abstracted storage space which acts as the hard-disk for VMs. […]

Centos NAT with iptables

To manage NAT properly first thing we need to do is to allow IP FORWARDING so we will edit following file find the following line and change that to once done, please issue following iptables commands

Change the pool master in Xenserver 6

there can be two reasons to change the pool master of a Xenserver either your pool master is not responding or you just want to change the master. If you need to change the pool master in Xenserver because pool master is dead or not responding. you need following Login to any slave (pool master […]

How to deactivate an active partition?

How to deactivate an active partition?

While changing the partition drive letter in Disk Management of Server 2012 I accidentally clicked on “Mark Partition As Active” which is just above the “Change Drive Letter and Path”. And being total ignorant i rebooted my server. And then the world went blank for my server :), but thanks to Microsoft Utility called “DISKPART”. here […]

Chang centOS Time-zone and Update Time U...

I needed to change the timezone of the server from AST to GMT First check your current Time zone with command date Now decide what time zone you want. You can see your timezones now create the link of the time zone you need. Here is example ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/REGION/TIMEZONE /etc/localtime i need to set […]