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OneNote Screen Clipping Shortcut Not Wor...

OneNote Screen Clipping Shortcut Not Working In Windows 8.1

Windows + S combination works for “Screen Clipping” till Windows 8. But when I upgraded to Windows 8.1, I Totally Got LOST…. Same keyword combination brings up the search experience, So Screen Clipping keys(Windows + S) are no longer working in Windows 8.1 To Fix this issue, you need to do either of following Upgrade […]

Task Scheduler stops running scheduled t...

I faced issue with Windows Server 2008 and Server 2012 Task Scheduler stops running scheduled tasks. In windows Server 2008 the Task execution never starts and in Server 2012 Tasks execution stopped after some time. After a Long hair pulling and head banging with Microsoft Forum, I eventually (infect accidently) found the solution. There is […]

PowerShell execute SQL Server SP wtih Pa...

Powershell can easily communicate with SQL Server and can execute Stored Procedures. Following sample code can execute a Stored Procedures with Parameter. if you stored Procedure is returning some data please see the function “getDATAwithSP” described above, Please note above highlighted lines, If you do not store the values returned on above lines functions start […]

Delete a Team Project Collection

To delete a team project collection completely, You need to take 3 Actions Delete collection Delete Database Delete Sharepoint Site Delete collection Open Team Foundation administration console. Go to Application Tier, and then choose Team Project Collections. In the list of collections, highlight the name of the collection that you want to delete. On the […]

How to import .pst file data in Microsof...

How to import .pst file data in Microsoft® Outlook 2013

outlook 2010 .pst file can be imported very easily in outlook 2013 Open outlook 2013 and from “File” tab select “Open & Export” Select “Import/Export” from the Open Options A new window will appear Select “Import from an other program or file” Select “Outlook Data file (.pst)” in next step and procees next Browse to the […]

TFS Delete Workspaces

How to Delete a Team Foundation Server Workspaces: some times some of  your project files are checked in to a workspace which do not exists any more, or you are getting build failed error as source is already mapped to a workspace. Solution is to delete the workspace. I searched a lot a simple way […]

Change MySQL Data Directory

Changing MySQL data directory in CentOS is a very 6 simple steps. You need root access to your CentOS. Login and do followings stop the mysql copy all the current data to your destination directory (you need to decide where you want to move your mysql data) give your new directory proper rights Add new […]

SharePoint Service Unavailable HTTP erro...

SharePoint Service Unavailable HTTP error 503 : Service Unavailable

HTTP error 503 : Service Unavailable I changed My windows server Administrator Password and My Sharepoint Central Administrator stopped working. and started giving me following error. SharePoint Service Unavailable HTTP error 503 : Service Unavailable After a long head banging, found the issue. The Sharepoint Central Administrator Application pool was stopped. I tried to start […]

ERROR 1206 (HY000): The total number of ...

while running queries on a Large number of rows and your DB engine is InnoDB, you will face this error. Basic reason for this is, Mysql is out of Lock Space, You need to increase the value of “innodb_buffer_pool_size” edit my.cnf see the highlighted line “innodb_buffer_pool_size=2G” for me I needed to manage much rows so […]